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Battle of Cork 2010

Despite the lack of sunshine on Leeside yesterday, it seems the God’s were determined to once more smile on the men of the South after a number of tumultuous years. ‘Ask not what your county will do for you but what you will do for your county’ and with the way boys in red hurled yesterday, the question what will you do for your county was answered in spades. A sence of nervous expectation prevailed amongst those faithful red clad supporters… youthful exuberance and fire was going to see off the ‘ageing’ (ha!), tiring Cork men who have been on the road too long (or so the pundits would have us believe). 70 minutes later after blood, sweat, tears, battle scars, pain and then some more blood sweat & tears (and that was just amongst the supporters), the men in red stood victorious. At times the ferociousness of the tackling would not have been out of place in Thomond Park (not in any underhand, dirty tackling way, but in its hardness) yet the desire to win and the fire in the belly to get to every ball was far more evident in Cork than in their opposition Tipperary. If that hunger to be back at hurling’s  top table can be nurtured and encouraged, a long hot Summer beckons to all Cork supporters. Cork 3 – 15 Tipperary 0 – 14.

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