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Clonakilty Hen Party

Clonakilty Hen Party

Clonakilty is one of the best places to go for a Hen Party in Ireland, with a fantastic proportion of great bars, nightclubs, restaurants and a whole host of options for day time activities. With miles of great country air surrounding Clonakilty, you are guaranteed to find almost any outdoor games or great hiking trails or even watersports to enjoy in the afternoon, before you have to head back to the hotel and get ready to hit the town. If the great outdoors don’t seem so great to everyone, there are also plenty of indoor activities, with dance classes, afternoon tea and cocktail making or wine tasting lessons. There’s certainly plenty to do on a Clonakilty Hen Party Weekend.

Here are just some of the activities you can choose from:

Country Pub Tour: Grab a seat down the back of the bus and wait to be brought to and from the best pubs in West Cork. Get some great pub grab and sample the best stout and whiskey in the South of Ireland.

Dance Classes: Whether you like to Beyonce or Burlesque, Charleston or salsa or anything in between, you can spend your afternoon perfecting your moves before taking them out onto the dance floor later that night.

Karaoke: Get all the girls around and belt out your favourite hits together. Pass the microphone and around and see who has the pipes for the monster ballads, or if anyone is brave enough to rap. A definite highlight of any Clonakilty Hen Party.

Surfing: Unlock the secrets of how to ride the waves in West Cork. You might be nervous at first, but by the end the bravest hens will be standing upright and letting the waves carry them back in to shore.

Wine Tasting: Learn how to tell the difference between pinot and chardonnay and everything in between. Our experienced Sommelier can teach you some tricks of the trade, and let you discover some new favourites during your Clonakilty Hen Party.

If there are any other specific ideas you have for your Clonakilty Hen Party, then please just call us today at 021 243 1000, or get in touch via our contact form.

Discovering Cork will set up your dream Clonakilty Hen Party, including accommodation, some day time entertainment, a fine dinner and entry into a local night club, and all for just €99 per person.

Email, use our contact form or call us today on 021 243 1000
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