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Cobh - Cork's Seaside Gem

Cobh – Cork’s Seaside Gem

Cobh is a stunning seaside town just south of Cork City. With panoramic views out into Cork Harbour from across the town, Cobh is a particularly beautiful gem in Cork. The quaint old town has an illustrious history, with the presence of Cork Harbour having seen so many famous Cork shore excursions departing from the town.

The town of Cobh was famously known as Queenstown between 1850 and the end of the 1920’s. It was during this period that the world’s most famous cruise liners frequently made their way through Cork Harbour. The likes of the Titanic docked in Cork Harbour, bringing a whole new level of glamour and intrigue to the town. Cobh was put on the map simply by being an open port of call for the great cruise liners of their day to stop and take on fuel, while letting passengers off into County Cork. There are a number of great visitor centres dedicated to the Titanic in Cobh, and the town is full of great exhibitions for people interested in the history of the town and Cork Harbour.

The town also knows the tragedy of losses at sea, with the Lusitania having sunk on its way past Cork Harbour as it made its way towards England. Many brave locals rushed from shore out into the Atlantic Ocean to try and save as many lives as they could. Lusitania 2015 sees the centenary commemorations of the sinking of the Lusitania, which was once the largest cruise liner in the world. Cobh will host the majority of the events, with remembrances of all those lost at sea, many of whom were brought ashore and buried in Cobh.

The town has seen many ships come and go throughout its history, with the Port of Cork seeing huge numbers of cruise liners passing through every year. 2015 will be no different, with tremendous cruise ships from all over the world entering the harbour on their Cork shore excursions. Cork Harbour really only looks at its best with a significantly proportioned cruise ship docked in the harbour, making her presence known in the skyline for all those looking out to sea from town.

Cobh is a beautiful town to sail into, with the striking St Colman’s Cathedral standing proudly above the town. Its size and stature can make it seem like a lighthouse in the distance, and it certainly does draw people in towards the town. St Colman’s Cathedral resides at the hill on top of town, and is a sumptuous cathedral of immense proportions. The cathedral is rapidly approaching its 150th birthday, and a tour of this extraordinary building is not to be missed.

Cobh is one of the best places to enjoy a day out in Cork. With convenient access from Cork City via the train, it is also very accessible for all visitors to Cork. Cork Day Tours also offer some exciting Cork Harbour Boat Tours as well as several other great Cork shore excursions in Cobh. Take in all the best bits of one of Ireland’s most charming seaside towns with Cork Day Tours.

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