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I’d like to teach the world to sing….

I had no idea what to expect. A taxi brought me to the Nordic Business Park and after that anything could happen. A little buzzer at the door had a sign saying ‘Please ring. If I don’t answer it’s because we’re recording’. I was busy picturing myself into a studio Live-Aid moment, complete with finger tips to my headphones when Susan flung open the dor and greeted me.

What energy the woman has! Dark jeans, hoodie and oodles of confidence. She showed me around her space. The doorway opens out into a brightly lit room with sofas, posters, table – a chill out space.  Next into the main room; bigger again – where groups like hen parties, stags, childrens parties can be catered for.  Microphones can be positioned to record the group from there.

Like two tardis from Dr Who, the little recording pods are landed at the far side of the room.  Engineered and purpose built, these pods let Susan record and get the best out of her performers.  I stood in the booth and got all excited. If only I could sing! But you see, this is a recording studio for everyone. Susan explains; ‘I wanted something where everyone has access to this equipment and can record something of their own’. Well, if you build it they will come.. and Susan has had quite a busy year and a half building her profile and business. There are always new people phoning and making appointments but also quite alot of repeat business. It seems people get the bug!

Everything in the pods and the room was new to me, as it would be to the majority of people but Susan has a type of confidence that encourages you along while never making me feel uncomfortable or foolish.  I stepped into Susan’s booth with her computer, screen with countless mp3 files and her recording deck. Next, I listened.  I listened to some clips of recordings as Susan explained how she loves each story that comes with every person walking through her doors. I listened as she told me of the brother and sister who recorded a song together as the sister was emigrating; of the man who recorded a story for his son; the girl who found her voice, the hen surprised by her thoughtful friends – the list goes on. Yes it’s a cliche but I was moved.

There’s something about the power of hearing one’s own voice. There’s also something about being there when it happens. Susan agrees. Hearing the change in someone’s voice from the start of the session to the end or from their first visit to the subsequent is very satisfying, surprising and wonderful.

In a one hour session up to three songs can be recorded with your choice of backing, depending on your level of preparation. Included in your fee is a cd copy of your recording with your photo on it. A session is one hour and your cd also goes on Susan’s wall of fame in the chill out area. It’s your turn to inspire others!

This is a wonderful, fun and mad experience fore anyone and everyone. We recommend hen parties and stag parties especially if you are thinking of dressing up and going in theme.

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The Vocal Chord Recording Studio is located in Midleton, Co Cork.
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