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Team Building

We pride ourselves on our creative ability to deliver unique activities. Most importantly, we don’t do just more of ‘the same old thing’. We create fun activities that force people to work together as a unit to achieve multiple objectives. We bring together various professionals in their fields to deliver our unique bespoke solutions. You tell us what you wish to achieve and we do the rest.

Bear Grills

We take a softer approach to the great outdoors that focuses on fun and having a good time as we explore the ‘deep dark woods’ (you must pretend you are in the darkest Amazon). Teams are set in competition against each other forcing them to work in a relaxing non-corporate environment. When the sun is shining this is superb fun. However when it is wet and raining it is even better. Though we provide the ponchos & wellies (you can wear your own if you wish), everyone is guaranteed to be covered in mud by the end of the day. The sort of challenges that are set all feature a strong fun dimension so no one is left behind and ensure everyone has a great time. Activities include;

  • Archery
  • Camouflage
  • Woodland games
  • Woodland BBQ (hence the ‘Grills’ part!)

Duration: Approx 2 – 3 hours

For enquiries & bookings please email or call 021 423 0385

Mission Impossible

Teambuilding with a hint of adventure. This is an intense experience set in local woodlands. Your training commences with an intense ‘military style’ structured survival programme.

The modern military environment is one of structured learning similar to the hierarchy of the 21st century company where teamwork, leadership, planning and communication are all part of the everyday environment. Our training approach focuses on experiential learning which is an active process that engages participants in a far more pro-active way than simply showing how things need to be done.

The team are then split up when they must put their new found skills to the test. Teamwork is key to survival where those who fail to bond and work as a team perish in the woods! Activities include;

  • Build a shelter

  • Orienteering

  • Basic first aid

  • Light a fire

  • Find fire wood

  • Look for food

Duration: Approx 2 – 3 hours

For enquiries & bookings please email or call 021 423 0385

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