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Let’s face it, there’s always something happening in  Cork. The thing is that it’s always something new. That’s the difference between Cork and other Irish cities. We’re a creative bunch and we like to show it. So while the venue may have the same name, it’s never the same night twice.  I might be biased but I think we have a great city. It’s looking better now than it ever has; there’s a balance between modern and period buildings, we’ve got nice public spaces and a buzz about the town that makes people watching especially enjoyable.

Not so long ago we weren’t sure about the idea of ‘café culture’, we were slow to embrace it, but now we have some really great cafés with a little something extra; be it location, style, character of building, food or wine. You can have your coffee in Vintage & Antiques shop, in an old chemist or library or just for the hell of it ..even in a coffee shop!!  Arthur Mayne’s is a favourite of mine with lovely staff too Another good location for a glass of wine and chat with a friend is The Mutton Lane Inn
As their website says ‘Venture inside and the Mutton Lane Inn is dark, wooden and candle lit. The staff are exceptionally friendly, the music is always good and, to encourage conversation, there is NO TV.’ Enough said.

The Crane Lane Theatre is another gem we have. Just off Patrick St, this bar is home to fun nights out, great free gigs, some fantastic acts, and all in all a really good atmosphere. I really like this place, there’s something transformative about passing through the door of two giant red velvet curtains… something about performance, spectacle and enjoyment. Yes, you will see some familiar faces. That’s just the point. The venues are that good that we keep coming back. A look at The Crane Lane’s website will show you why, events added all the time

Right now hoards of people are heading to The Nightmare Realm for halloween, but just nextdoor on the quayside is the location for the fabrication of floats and dream-like creatures for The Dragon of Shandon Parade. Once halloween has passed then we’ll be enjoying the build up to Christmas. This year there will be outdoor markets, food stalls and entertainers both in the city and out as far as Cobh. One thing about Cork people is that we love a show, any kind of drama and spectacle tickles our fancy. This means we love street entertainers and of course we love our ‘characters’. And believe me, most bars have one. Some bars are even owned by one. Here’s a nice piece from The Guardian mentioning the pub in question

From the bizarre to the mundane there’s real choice here in Cork, whether you’re from here or visiting for a Cork hen night or stag night.  A look at our listings for activities for these groups will show you even more choice! So if you fancy coming to a place where there’s a chance someone will become a friend or just that person at the bar, come on down to Cork. We’ve a seat held for you at the bar.

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