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Health & Safety

No compulsory vaccinations apply to Ireland and tap water is safe to drink.

Cork City is renowned for being safer than most European cities and it is generally quite safe to walk the streets late in to the night while county tows & villages remain very peaceful in the evenings. As with all things common sense should dictate your behaviour. Particularly late in to the night after the pubs close.

Drugs are illegal in Ireland whether for sale or consumption.

All visitors should ensure they travel with adequate insurance. For outdoor adrenaline or dangerous activities, always check with your retailer to ensure you are covered.

Travel Insurance

As for travel anywhere visitors to Ireland are advised to ensure they have adequate travel insurance.

Unfortunately we have unscrupulous people here as well who won’t care that you are visiting our country. We are lucky though that such opportunistic crimes against tourists are still very low. Despite that we always advise people to take the same precautions you would at home to ensure a safe and memorable holiday for all the right reasons.

Medical costs in Ireland can be quite high so again it is always best to be adequately covered in case one gets sick or has an accident.

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