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Unlike many countries tipping has not traditionally been part of the service culture within Ireland. But as in all cases, it is generally appreciated if you do tip good service. Here are a few helpful guidleines.

Depending on the venue, different policies tend to apply, but the following suggestions will give you an idea of what to expect.

  • “A Service Charge of 5 – 12% will apply” – this means what it says, your final bill will be subject to an additional charge; no further tips are necessary.
  • “Service included” – this means that the prices are a flat rate, no tips are required and the prices are final.
  • If none of these apply staff will usually expect a tip of around ten to fifteen percent. assuming that the service provided was good.Check out the following Cork Restaurants for the best food around.

Again tips are not really expected but no taxi driver will object if you ask him to round the bill a bit.

Tipping is not expected in pubs and is purely at ones discretion.

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