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Blarney and Cobh Day Tour

Blarney Castle Rock Close Gardens

Rock Close has the enchantment of a fairy glade and in prehistoric times may well have been a place of Druidic worship. Here you can find an ancient sacrificial altar, a Druid’s Circle, a hermit’s cave, a witch’s kitchen, and wishing steps. Rare varieties of trees abound in this magical place and you feel you can float across the rustic bridges over rippling streams and lush vegetation.

The grounds of Blarney Castle are magical acres in a timeless Ireland. What you see may depend on how hard you look and how willing your eyes are to see. Ghosts of salmon can be seen leaping in the Martin River for ghosts of flies. And they say that at times of impending danger, a herd of enchanted cows walks from the depths of the lake to graze on the meadows below the Castle. Since the eighteenth century, the gardens of Blarney Castle have been as popular with its visitors as have the Castle and Stone.

These are the Groves of Blarney celebrated in words and song for over two hundred years. To find out more about this wondrous and historic place visit .

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