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Cape Clear

Cape Clear

This is a wild and beautiful island where Irish is still the spoken first language (English is also spoken). Remote it may be (45 minutes from Baltimore or Schull by ferry) but you may leave Cape Clear, but Cape Clear will never leave you.

Cape Clear,  Ireland’s southernmost inhabited Gaeltacht (Gaeltacht means Irish speaking area) island is 5Km long by 2Km wide. The islands wild romantic scenery, its sparkling harbours, its cliffs and bogs and lake, all contribute to the island’s unspoilt charm. Heather, gorse and wild flowers cover the rugged hills. Myriad stonewalls have a patchwork effect on the varied landscape. Megalithic standing stones and a 5000 year-old passage grave, a 12th century church ruin, a 14th century O’Driscoll castle, cannonaded in the early 1600’s, suggest times past.

Cape Clear’s remote island location, coupled with its proximity to the continental shelf, make it the foremost centre for bird watching in Ireland. While whale, leatherback turtle, sun fish, shark and dolphins are spotted regularly. Most of the 150 inhabitants speak Irish and English. Removed from the hustle and bustle of mainland life, Cape Clear offers relaxation, nature & peace yet it also offers a wealth of healthy outdoor activities for all the family including windsurfing, canoeing & fishing. From Baltimore, yachts ply in and out of the two main harbours, colourfully crowding them during regatta days. Check out the link for more information about Cape Clear

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