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Blarney and Cobh Day Tour

Visit Cobh

Cobh is a magical seaside town in the south-east of County Cork with a special place in Ireland’s history. Its magnificent harbour is one of the most visually enticing anywhere in the world, with wonderful panoramic views. Cobh is steeped in history, art and culture, making it one of the top destinations to visit in Ireland.

Under its former name of Queenstown, this quaint old town was a departure point for approximately 2.5 million emigrants headed for North America between 1848 and 1950. The harbour was home to plenty of noteworthy ships in its time, but none more so than the Titanic. Cork Harbour was the majestic ship’s final port of call, going down just four days after its final departure. Given the magnitude of the event, there are plenty of local memorials and monuments to RMS Titanic in Cobh. Titanic Experience Cobh is a dedicated museum, located in the original offices of the White Star Line. The tour features cinematic shows, scene sets, holographic images and touch screen technology to offer the most comprehensive Titanic experience.

Staggering numbers of people left Ireland to begin a new life after the famine. That has formed a natural bond between Ireland and The United States. With so many people interested in learning about their roots and heritage, Cobh offers its visitors the chance to trace their family connections back to the source. The Cobh Heritage Centre is a fantastic resource in this regard, allowing visitors the chance to peruse through family history that they otherwise may never have known of. Whether your bonds stretch back to Cork, Dublin, Belfast or even further afield, you will be able to discover it all here.

Cobh was always more than just being the last exit out of Ireland.  It is a wondrous little seaside town, with friendly locals in plentiful supply. The town itself sits at the foot of a hill, on top of which the tremendous construction that is St. Colman’s Cathedral resides. The cathedral is a true wonder, with its sheer size and fascinating design making it well worth a visit. Building commenced in 1867, and the gothic revivalist imagery, both inside and out, still make people marvel as they pass. The inside features tremendous large pillars along the aisle, with exquisite glass windows on all sides. The cathedral towers above the town, with the coastal views from this high vantage point simply breathtaking.

Cobh also has plenty of water sports and walking tours, to cater for the more active tourists. With no shortage of waterways to work with, there are plenty of fine spots for angling or even a swim. A fine way to enjoy the scenic splendour and still soak in the local history would be the harbour boat tour. This entertaining excursion will give you a special insight into Cobh’s past and present. A past and present which is well worth exploring.

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