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On entering Joan’s premises I went from a nervous feeling to that of meeting an old friend in a matter of moments.  It’s taking the easy option to say that Joan has a lovely manner that puts you at your ease. The reality is that Joan is a realist; she is wise, willing to share her knowledge and infinitely warm.

In Joan’s world the person, their happiness, their talents and how they express all of those things are her main concerns. One glace took me in and began a process of measuring those things. It also said a welcoming ‘Hello’.

On the inside I began to relax, while on the outside my light make-up began to evaporate and simultaneously slide off my face. I couldn’t tell you if I was close to a nervous state or just over heating from the warm weather. Either way I began to cool down as we chatted away; the weather, people we both know, social media, business and my newest obsession – mineral make-up.

As I said, Joan is very experienced at styling as a make-up artist, having been head of Colour Me Beautiful for Ireland.  Her take on make-up and style takes the long view, what will suit you and your lifestyle? As we discuss these things trends are mentioned that I can play around with.

I had been given a present of a Lancóme palette with no idea how to best use it. Without hesitation Joan leaps into action showing me how to use it for the classic smokey eye. I say classic but it was a modified version just for me.

I was and will always be nervous of letting anyone create a look for me, whether it’s a new hair style, glasses or make-up. I have this fear of looking like a clown or worse still, feeling like one. I needn’t have worried. You see, all the chat wasn’t idle chat; it was Joan’s way of ‘getting the measure of you’ as they say.

Forty minutes later I felt refreshed and looked beautiful. Joan had begun to cover what colours suit me best. As a bottle green came near me I tensed and caught my contorted expression in the mirror. Clown time.

‘Now see this? You’d never wear this shade’, said Joan.

I breathed out happily. We’re on the same page.

‘If you had to wear a pink you could get away with this..’

‘That must never happen’, I said gravely. My dislike of cotton was confirmed as legitimate in that it’s not best on a busty gal. Silk also is a no-no. This is great, I thought. I’m right most of the time. This is music to any girls’ ears. After all of this attention lavished on me Joan mentioned my pixie hair-cut.

‘Perhaps leave a bit more length here to balance the shape?’ I could handle that – no problem.

Joan herself is very musical; she comes from a family of musicians. Perhaps it’s her ear for pattern and beauty that allows her to take a person as a whole rather than solely as visually. She perceives you as a person who expresses themselves in speech, textiles, thoughts and manner. Whatever the reason Joan’s company Colour & Image is a fantastic afternoon for some self confidence building or a bit of great gas at a hen party either way you will always end up leaving feeling like a million dollars.

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