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Fota Island Self Catering Lodges

Fota Island Lodges

Fota Island Resort offers some of the best quality accommodation in Ireland, with the stunning hotel and golf course. Now, you can enjoy the unbelievable quality at an affordable price with the Fota Island Lodges. These new holiday homes are a great option for those with a family or a group of people coming on holiday to Cork, who want to avail of the great golf course, the zoo and still be close to Cork City.

These luxury self catering lodges have been heralded for their stunning natural aesthetics, which blend in so well with the pine-laden roadsides that will bring you to the front door of your temporary home, undoubtedly making a strong first impression. Take a walk out onto your balcony and marvel at the natural beauty that abounds in Fota.

The lodges are adorned with vast kitchen facilities, with all the utensils and tools you will need close at hand. With multi-channel televisions in the house and master bedroom, as well as oodles of room to lounge in the spacious living room, you will be in utter comfort from the moment you walk in the door. With great WiFi to boot, your only difficulty will be making yourself leave at the end of your stay.

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